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Thrilled to share that our project was brilliantly represented at the POLIS Conference 2023 by JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL! 🌟
Matthias Rüther, the project coordinator, showcased the innovative strides ESRIUM is making in the realm of smart road infrastructure and maintenance. His insights into how ESRIUM is leveraging hashtagEGNSS technology to enhance energy efficiency and safety on European road networks were truly enlightening. 

Key Highlight

– ESRIUM’s vision for a smarter, safer, greener transport system.
– The role of EGNSS-based digital maps in optimizing road usage and maintenance.
– Innovative approaches to road wear prediction and automated driving solutions.
The POLIS Conference is a pivotal platform for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements and challenges. Being part of this event underscores ESRIUM’s commitment to collaborative innovation and sustainable urban mobility solutions. 

From scooters to automated urban carriers, new ways of urban mobility are becoming ever more popular. Even more for those vehicles, good road conditions add safety, comfort and user acceptance. We’re excited about the future possibilities and collaborations that events like these foster!
Stay tuned for more updates on ESRIUM’s journey towards revolutionizing road infrastructure and maintenance. 

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