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ESRIUM´s paper was presented in Singapore at the 8th International Conference on Robotics and Automation Engineering: ICRAE 2023. On behalf of the ESRIUM consortium, Kailin Tong, Senior Researcher at Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, presented a paper titled ‘A real-time search-based motion planning framework with risk assessment for urban environments.’ The presentation is available for free download from the ESRIUM website under the section ESRIUM – Download our public presentations for free.

ICRAE is a prestigious and widely recognized conference in the field of robotics and automation engineering. Presenting their research at such a reputable venue allows ESRIUM to gain exposure and credibility within the academic and industrial communities.

Secondly, the paper’s topic, which focuses on real-time motion planning and risk assessment in urban environments, addresses critical challenges in the field of robotics, particularly in the context of autonomous vehicles and smart cities. Sharing their findings at ICRAE provides ESRIUM with an opportunity to contribute to the academic discourse, share insights, and potentially collaborate with other researchers and industry experts who attend the conference.

Furthermore, ICRAE serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and networking. By presenting their paper, ESRIUM can engage with fellow researchers, receive valuable feedback, and stay updated on the latest developments and innovations in their field. This interaction with peers and experts can lead to further advancements in their research and open doors for potential partnerships or collaborations.

In summary, presenting ‘A real-time search-based motion planning framework with risk assessment for urban environments’ at the ICRAE conference was vital for ESRIUM to showcase their work to a broader audience, gain recognition, contribute to the academic community, and foster collaboration in a field that holds significant promise for improving urban mobility and safety.

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