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ESRIUM at Intergeo 2023 Panel

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The Panel - Infrastructure Digital Twins: Innovations and Challenges for Smart Cities

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This panel discussion moderated by Flavia De Simone the Director of Innovation and Strategy at ENIDE Solutions, brought together experts from various research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission, as well as a public road operator, to discuss cutting-edge technologies in the development of infrastructure digital twins. ESRIUM, GAMMS, and ASFINAG.

The focus was on how these digital twins could contribute to building smarter cities by improving infrastructure planning, operation, and maintenance. The panel discussed the latest developments in spatial reference and positioning, road infrastructure asset management, mobile mapping applications, and satellite services including EGNSS. In particular, we focused on the use of robots, autonomous vehicles, and drones for building HD maps and how these maps were integrated into digital twins of road operators. We also explored how AI could be used to support decision-making and maintenance, and what would be the legal consequences of using these technologies.



The panel was divided into three main sections:

  • Building HD maps with AI and the use of AVs (GAMMS project)
  • Integrating HD maps into road operator’s digital twins (ESRIUM project)
  • The use of technologies and data sources to create its HD maps (ASFINAG public entity)

Each section consisted of a short presentation by the panelists, followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A session with the audience. The panelists were encouraged to share their experiences and insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by the use of digital twins in the development of smarter cities.


The panel discussion provided valuable insights into the latest developments and innovations in infrastructure digital twins for smart cities. The audience gained an understanding of the use of HD maps, AI, and EGNSS localization in building and maintaining digital twins of road operators. The panelists shared their expertise on the legal, operational, and technical challenges associated with the use of these technologies. The discussion provided a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among experts, policymakers, and practitioners in the field. Overall, the panel contributed to raising awareness of the importance of infrastructure digital twins for the development of smarter cities and the need for international cooperation and standardization in this field.

About Intergeo 2023

INTERGEO EXPO and CONFERENCE has come to a successful close after three days in Berlin. The leading international trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management presented itself as a magnet for the international geospatial community and for the diverse application areas of geodata-based solutions.

With almost 17.000 trade visitors from 112 nations, 571 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, over 300 speakers and 841 conference participants from 42 countries, INTERGEO EXPO and CONFERENCE once again proved its position today in Berlin: INTERGEO is the world’s leading trade fair and most important international congress platform for all aspects of geodesy, geoinformation and land management. As the market leader, INTERGEO brings together the geospatial community and networks it with its industry users. It is the centre of the professional community, the face and communicator of the industry.

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