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ESRIUM at the European Navigation Conference

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ESRIUM eagerly immersed itself in the latest advancements in navigation technologies at the prestigious European Navigation Conference (ENC) 2023, held at the remarkable ESTEC site, European Space Agency (ESA) venue in Noordwijk, Netherlands. This extraordinary location served as the birthplace of the groundbreaking Galileo satellite system and the rigorous testing ground for European navigation satellites before their journey into orbit.

The ENC 2023 conference provided an ideal platform for ESRIUM to showcase its innovative research and developments. Susanne Schweitzer and Roman Lesjak from JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH proudly presented the captivating ESRIUM H2020 paper, co-written with Selim Solmaz, Karl Diengsleder-Lambauer, and José M. Vallet Garcia.

They presented their ESRIUM latest paper titled “A Comparative Experimental Performance Assessment of RTK+OSNMA Based Positioning for Road Vehicle Applications,” highlighting the unique feature of OSNMA in the European GNSS Galileo system, designed to protect against spoofing.

This prestigious event provided ESRIUM with a valuable opportunity to engage with leading experts, exchange knowledge, and stay at the forefront of navigation technology advancements. ESRIUM’s presence at ENC 2023 demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of navigation systems and leveraging the power of Galileo to drive innovation in the road vehicle applications domain.

In conclusion, the ENC 2023 conference served as a remarkable platform for ESRIUM to showcase its cutting-edge research and advancements in navigation technology. Susanne Schweitzer and Roman Lesjak’s active participation at the conference solidified ESRIUM’s position as a frontrunner in the field, while the captivating paper presentation highlighted the potential of RTK+OSNMA-based positioning for road vehicle applications. The ENC 2023 conference was a significant milestone in ESRIUM’s journey towards shaping the future of navigation systems.

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