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ESRIUM at COPER3 Meeting: CCAM Special

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ESRIUM took part in the ASECAP-COPER III CCAM Special: Exploring the Future of Connected Cooperative and Automated Mobility. The last COPER3 of 2022 (December 6, 9 am-11:00 am) addressed intelligent road infrastructure for CCAM/exchange on strategic and project result levels.

The ASECAP-COPER III CCAM event held on December 6th, was a remarkable occasion that delved into the realm of Connected Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and digital solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The event brought together experts and organizations to discuss captivating topics and advancements in the field. ESRIUM’s representative, Michael Weilguny, shared his expertise on “Automated Road Condition Monitoring and Wear Map Creation,” unveiling the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in predicting road damages and providing routing recommendations for safer driving experiences.

Exploring Automated Road Condition Monitoring and Wear Map Creation: At the online event, Michael Weilguny, representing ESRIUM, took the stage to enlighten the audience about the revolutionary concept of Automated Road Condition Monitoring and Wear Map Creation. Through his presentation, he elucidated how AI-driven systems can observe road conditions and accurately predict potential damages. This innovative approach paves the way for improved road safety by enabling routing recommendations within and between lanes. By harnessing the power of AI, drivers can receive real-time notifications, guiding them to change lanes for smoother and more secure journeys.

Acknowledging the Speakers and Knowledge Sharing: A belated shout-out goes to all the speakers who shared their valuable insights and expertise during the CCAM Special event. The occasion provided a platform for fruitful discussions on emerging technologies and the exchange of ideas among participating organizations. The collaborative environment fostered at the event proved instrumental in fostering innovation and driving progress in the CCAM domain.

Conclusion: The ASECAP-COPER III CCAM Special event stands as a memorable milestone in the exploration of Connected Cooperative and Automated Mobility. ESRIUM’s representative, Michael Weilguny, contributed to the event’s success by shedding light on Automated Road Condition Monitoring and Wear Map Creation, showcasing the potential of AI in enhancing road safety. The event, characterized by engaging discussions and knowledge sharing, served as a catalyst for advancements in CCAM and paved the way for a more connected and intelligent future of transportation.

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