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ESRIUM at the Austrian Logistics Day – Future Lab 2022

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ESRIUM project took part in the Austrian Logistics Day – Future Lab in Design Center Linz, on the 4th of October 2022! The Austrian Logistics Forum, organized by Verein Netzwerk Logistik (VNL), served as a vibrant platform for engaging discussions centred around the ever-evolving landscape of logistics. One of the prominent topics that ignited fervent conversations was the significance of ESRIUM’s C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) services for logistics stakeholders. This article sheds light on the pivotal role played by ESRIUM in revolutionizing the logistics industry and highlights its successful dissemination at the prestigious event.

Promoting ESRIUM at the Austrian Logistics Forum:

To ensure widespread awareness and understanding of ESRIUM’s cutting-edge offerings, the University of Applied Sciences Oberösterreich (FHO) actively promoted ESRIUM through various channels at the Austrian Logistics Forum. FHO’s participation at the event included bilateral talks and the distribution of informative leaflets at the Logistikum Booth, which was a joint booth shared with AWARD and several other national and European projects. This strategic approach aimed to engage logistics professionals, policymakers, and industry leaders, providing them with firsthand knowledge about ESRIUM’s transformative C-ITS solutions.

Bilateral Talks: 

FHO’s representatives Neubauer Matthias and Wolfgang Schildorfer engaged in insightful bilateral discussions with logistics stakeholders at the Austrian Logistics Forum.

 These interactive sessions served as a platform for FHO to present ESRIUM’s comprehensive suite of C-ITS services, highlighting their potential benefits and applications. By addressing queries, and concerns, and fostering dialogue, FHO effectively conveyed the value proposition of ESRIUM to attendees, paving the way for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Information Leaflet Distribution:

Complementing the bilateral talks, FHO also disseminated informative leaflets detailing ESRIUM’s C-ITS services. These leaflets provided a concise overview of the capabilities and advantages offered by ESRIUM, reinforcing the key messages delivered during the discussions. Logistics professionals who visited the Logistikum Booth had the opportunity to take away these materials, ensuring that they could further explore and evaluate ESRIUM’s solutions at their convenience.


ESRIUM’s C-ITS services emerged as a focal point of discussions at the Austrian Logistics Forum, igniting enthusiasm and curiosity among logistics stakeholders. FHO’s active engagement and dissemination efforts at the event were instrumental in raising awareness about ESRIUM’s transformative potential and facilitating meaningful conversations with industry experts. As the logistics industry continues to evolve, ESRIUM’s C-ITS solutions hold the promise of revolutionizing operations, improving efficiency, and driving sustainable practices. With its unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration, ESRIUM is poised to lead the way towards a more connected and intelligent logistics ecosystem.

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