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Esrium at Austrian-Israeli Technology Days 2022

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Austrian road and rail technology suppliers had the opportunity to network with local stakeholders and technology partners at an information and networking event held in Jerusalem from 7 to 9 June 2022 during the Austrian-Israeli Technology Days 2022.

The Esrium  project was represented by Asfinag, Joaneeum Research and Evolit, three of the Austrian partners that are also part of the “Autonomous Mobility Ecosystem Landscape Austria”. Michael Weilguny Head of Sales at Evolit Consulting GmbH presented the project as part of the projects funded by the European Commission, which aims (in this case) to create a novel business-case with validated economic and societal impact. 

What is the Austrian-Israeli Technology Days 2022?

The Austrian Technology Day event is part of the initative TECXPORT – an online technology platform by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and run by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO). Austrian companies in the fields of roads and railway technology had the opportunity to network with local stakeholders and technology partners at an information and networking.

Apart from members of industry from both countries, high-ranking representatives of Austria and Israel attended the event. Among others, Merav Michaeli (Israeli Minister of Transport and Road Safety) and Nikolaus Lutterotti (Austrian Ambassador to Israel).

You can find the presentation here 

Bonus track

A moment ago we mentioned Autonomous Mobility Landscape of which both project partners and the project itself are a part. Here we explain it better:

“Autonomous Mobility Landscape” provides an overview of all participating companies, institutions, research and educational facilities as well as current research projects and use cases in the field of autonomous driving in Austria.

Esrium has a strong presence of Austrian partners, as well as being part of the group of European projects that are part of this large landscape.

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