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ESRIUM at ITS Toulouse

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This edition of ITS Europe offered a Special Interest Session which covered the topic of the ´Next Generation Solutions for Road Infrastructure in H2020´This session brought together three EU-funded projects on ITS, plus the European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures. It provided an excellent overview of state-of-the-art European research and innovation combining autonomous transport and automotive engineering with Galileo services, AI, and Digital Twins to enhance road safety and efficiency.  

After identifying the specificities of each project, distinguished experts from academia, industry, and international associations focused on possible synergies, such as HD maps and satellite services in GAMMS and ESRIUM, Digital Twins and data frameworks in ESRIUM and OMICRON, etc.  

Moderator and Organiser: Loha Hashimy, ENIDE Solutions SL, Spain


Why did ESRIUM participate?

Special Interest Session

ESRIUM seeks to increase the safety and resource efficiency of transport on European roads.

Special Interest Session

Speakers at the Special Interest Session.

Special Interest Session

Moderator: Loha Hashimy, ENIDE Solutions SL, Spain

The goal of this session was to present new technologies as a real enabler of the digitalization of road infrastructure management. This session represented a valuable opportunity to retrieve recommendations and best practices for resilient digital infrastructure, especially directed to public authorities and road and infrastructure operators (ASECAP). 

Additionally, this panel discussion showcased the achievements made possible by the Horizon 2020 programme and helped highlight the European Union as a leading actor worldwide in the scientific and industrial transport sector. Finally, the session stood out for its pan-European relevance, as it covered more than ten European countries participating in the analysed projects and as well as the toll operators of twenty member countries represented by ASECAP. 

ESRIUM is a Horizon2020 project increasing the safety and resource efficiency of transport on European roads. Its key innovation is a digital map of road surface damage and road wear. The road wear map will contain unique information for the road operators to enhance road maintenance planning and provide route recommendations to automated vehicles.

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