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ESRIUM actively participated in the academic sessions of the ICCVE 2022 conference, which took place on March 8 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm EST. Specifically, ESRIUM contributed to the Academic Session on Vehicle Sensors/Vehicle Control Systems, Stream 2: Vehicles Control Systems, with the session being chaired by Ignacio Alvarez from Intel.

During this session, Selim Solmaz, the Head of the Control Systems Group at Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, delivered a compelling paper presentation titled “Development, Verification, and KPI Analysis of Infrastructure-Assisted Trajectory Planners.” The contribution of Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH to this research was acknowledged in the presentation.

ESRIUM’s involvement in the academic sessions of the ICCVE 2022 conference underscores its commitment to advancing the field of vehicle control systems and promoting collaborative research efforts. By participating in such esteemed events, ESRIUM strengthens its position as a key player in the development and innovation of intelligent transport systems, ultimately driving progress in the industry. You can read the full paper: here.


The ESRIUM project's approach to routing recommendations and the corresponding development of automated driving functions were presented to a highly relevant audience. The positive reception of our approach in the field was evident through the engaging discussions, insightful questions, and valuable comments raised during the presentation. Furthermore, the simulative results showcased further reinforced the effectiveness and potential of our approach. It is gratifying to witness such a positive response, indicating that our efforts in the project are well received and hold significant promise in advancing the field of automated driving.

Selim Solmaz -

Head of Control Systems Group at Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH

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