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ESRIUM at Semana de la carretera

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ESRIUM was presented at the 31 edition of the Semana de la Carretera on the 11th November 2021. The coordinator David Quesada led the presentation -joint with INFRAMIX and 5G Routes– within the wider discussion about the future of the road, focusing on digitalization and mobility.

What is la semana de la carretera?

La Semana de la Carretera, with the slogan “Ecological and digital transformation of the road. Horizons of a sector in metamorphosis ”, is an event organized by the Spanish Road Association (AEC) and it is one of the most veteran and long-lived technical meetings on the Spanish congress scene.

The humanization in urban environments, the ecological adaptation of roads, the digital transformation of roads and the payment for use of infrastructures are the main topics of debate.

Why did ESRIUM participate?

Quesada made a general presentation of ESRIUM focusing on the road of the future. It was a joint presentation with INFRAMIX and 5G-Routes, where the focal point was the safety and resource efficiency of transport on European roads and the investment to be done to have better and safer transport on roads.

Do you want to know more? Check out the presentation.

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