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ESRIUM at IHIET Future Systems 2021

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ESRIUM was presented at the IHIET 2021 virtual technical sessions on August 29, 2021. The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria led the presentation within the wider discussion about emerging technologies and applications.  

What is IHIET Future Systems?

IHIET – Future Sustems is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on advancing the theory and applications for human-interaction requirements as part of an overall system and product solution, by adopting a human-centered design approach that utilizes and expands on the current knowledge of user-centered design and systems engineering supported by cognitive software and engineering, data analytics, simulation and modeling, and next generation visualizations.


Why did ESRIUM participate?

ESRIUM participated in Session 25 “Emerging Technologies and Applications VI” with the presentation “Towards Requirements related to future CCAM Services for Road Usage Optimization” by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. 

They presented the four ESRIUM use cases, as well as a preliminary mapping of the stakeholders’ requirements and some considerations on non technical requirements in the development of the ESRIUM services. The ultimate goal of the project is to optimise the interaction between humans and the system to increase user and technology acceptance. 

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