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ESRIUM use cases defined

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ESRIUM has defined four use cases as the main input for the subsequent tasks difining the corresponding technical and non-technical requirements. They  help bridge the gap between customer and development perspectives.

Four use cases

ESRIUM is analysing use cases and requirements by considering the full range of service offerings of the project. For this purpose, four use cases of ESRIUM services, including their benefits and potential audiences as well as their respective realization prerequisites and challenges, have been defined by collaborative input and contribution of all project partners.

These four use cases are:

  • UC1: ‘AI-based road damage prediction to support enhanced road maintenance
  • UC2: ‘Routing Recommendations based on the road wear map, provided via C-ITS
  • UC3: ‘C-ITS Message ‘GNSS-correction data’ provision’,
  • UC4: ‘Wear map content

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